Title Entry Level Fiber Optic Technician
Categories Level – 1 Telecom Technician
Salary 16 – 25/hr (depending on experience)
Location Breinigsville, PA
Job Information

Adtell Integration is currently seeking an Entry Level Fiber Optic Technician to join our Fiber Characterization and Splicing Team.  We are looking for a highly motivated individual who is excited to break into the fiber testing field or a current Fiber Technician who is looking for more experience with an exciting company.

Job Functions:

  • Maintaining Project Timelines
  • Travel to and from markets across the USA via ground and air transportation methods– optional international travel
  • Performing cleaning of fiber end faces
  • Performing fiber characterization tests: OTDR, CD/PMD, ORL/OLTS testing, power meter/laser source, and scopes
  • Splicing and repair splicing of issue fibers  using industry standard equipment
  • Performing Field Analysis of customers fiber Providing field analysis on Vendor’s fiber network from test data
  • Preparing testing packages including:
    • Redlining of project documentation including fiber path and demarcation points
    • Provide test reports as dictated by vendor requirements
    • Managing project field documentation
  • Interfacing with customers to remediate fiber path issues
  • Performing site surveys to validate customer’s infrastructure deliverables including any issues (not limited to):
    • Fiber type
    • Points of failure
    • Diversity requirements
  • Framework and support infrastructure (racks, fiber protection, grounding etc.)

Recommended Experience:

  • Technical Degree/Certificate in an Engineering Field
  • Computer and Smart Phone proficiency
  • Fiber Characterization Experience
  • Fiber Splicing/Installation Experience


  • High Analytical Skills
  • Communication with team members in the field effectively
  • Effectively present to team meetings both written and orally
  • Identify issues and enact resolutions effectively
  • Assist in fiber remediation and issues
  • Multi-task effectively and maintain project deadlines
  • Interface with vendors and develop issue remediation protocols
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