Title Fiber Characterization Technician – B-Side (Entry Level)
Categories Fiber Characterization Technician
Location CA, WA, IL, SC, VA
Job Information


• A Fiber Characterization (FC) Technician – (B-Side) will be experienced in all aspects of fiber optic testing and network troubleshooting. Responsible for OTDR, Power Meter & Laser Source (OLTS), OFI testing under the direction of the A-Side Technician. Provides continuous updates to the A-Side technician ad Project Manager about milestones; arriving on site, completing work, departing a site, etc., which needs to be relayed to the customer. An FC Technician will be personally responsible for maintaining his/her respective certifications unless otherwise negotiated in an employment agreement.

Major Responsibilities / Duties
• Manage all Test Equipment which has been assigned to him/her.
• Ensure that his/her test equipment is current on calibration.
• Writing and presenting reports to the A-Side technician and Project Manager on the conditions found at his/her location.
• Documenting all starts, breaks, and quitting time.
• Responsible for the accuracy of the test results taken from his/her location.
• Completes quality assurance procedures.
• Ensure the safety, quality, and efficiency of his/her actions.
• Interfaces with customer contacts on projects and work orders.
• Provides technical support for customer contacts and Technicians on request.
• Attends project planning and progress meetings with or without the customer contacts assigned.
• Understands, adheres to, and promotes the Environmental, Health & Safety policies of Telecommunication standards.

Position Qualifications / Requirements
• Must possess a valid US Driver’s License.
• High school or equivalent. Vocational/Technical Business School desired.
• Think critically and problem solve.
• Handle confidential/sensitive information with discretion.
• Good judgment.
• Organizational skills.
• Customer service skills.
• Must have color vision and good hearing.
• Proficient with Microsoft Office and Vendor Specific Software.
• Strong technical aptitude.
• Minimum of Master Fiber Optic Technician training (TC-MFOT) and/or 1 year experience.
• Must have demonstrated proficiency and profitability at OTDR testing ad OLTS testing.

Work Requirements
• Proficient use of all tools.
• Prolonged standing.
• Climbing of stairs, ladders, and/or scaffolds.
• Carrying of loads up and down stairs.
• Reaching and/or grasping.
• Stopping, walking, kneeling, bending, crawling, and crouching.
• Carrying, pushing and/or pulling.
• Must work outdoors in all weather conditions.
• Finger and wrist dexterity and hand/eye coordination.
• Heavy physical effort (usually lifting/moving up to 70 pounds).
• Exposure to noisy or dusty conditions.
• Exposure to chemicals and solvents.
• Exposure to mechanical, electrical, and/or other hazards.
• Use of standard office equipment.
• General testing knowledge required. (Ex. Fiber Optics, OTDRs, Power Meters, Laser Sources, etc.)

Supervisory Responsibility
• None

Financial Responsibility
• None

Degree of Autonomy
• Works under direction of Project Manager & Fiber Characterization Technician (A-Side).

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