Title Level – 3 Telecom Technician
Categories Level – 3 Telecom Technician
Location PA, CA, WA, SC
Job Information

• Structured cabling, installation of total integrated voice and data systems, key systems, networks, and wireless. Completes any additions, removals, changes, upgrades and maintenance to service contracts. Installation and maintenance of equipment. Engineering of new projects. Installs Central Office equipment including: iron work, AC, transport equipment, and all infrastructures. Occasionally performs outside plant installation.

• A Technician III will be exposed to all aspects of the business. This Technician will have exceptional ability in the telephony that is outside the general parameters of installation and technical expertise. In charge of subordinates with a lower level index. Responsible for the start and completion of each project must result in a quality, on time, profitable product that is presented to our customer.

Major Responsibilities / Duties
• Manage inventory of assigned tools.
• Ensure that all assigned tools are current on calibration.
• Submit ECR or Red Line for any change that would alter the work items, assignments, and/or specifications.
• Writing and presenting a method of procedure for our customers’ approval.
• Staging all the equipment and inventorying material for accuracy.
• Assigning specific tasks to subordinates and monitoring their work ethics for efficiency, quality, and safety. Supervise all starts, breaks, and quitting time.
• Responsible for the accuracy in the installation of each and all types of equipment installed.
• A test for completeness of wiring to ensure all is installed correctly.
• Responsible for the accuracy of all the final paperwork required and turned over to the customer in a timely manner.
• Completes quality assurance procedure and check the final product for errors.
• Ensure the safety, quality, and efficiencies of our crew.
• Interfaces with customer contacts on projects and work orders.
• Interfaces with the end user (contact person) and coordinates with other vendors for each project when required by customer.
• Provides technical support for customer contacts and Technicians on request.
• Attends project planning and progress meetings with or without the customer contacts assigned.
• Understands, adheres to, and promotes the Environmental, Health & Safety policies of all Telecommunication standards.

Position Qualifications / Requirements
• Must possess a valid US Driver’s License.
• High school or equivalent. Vocational/Technical Business School desired. Think critically and problem solve.
• Handle confidential/sensitive information with discretion. Good judgment.
• Organizational skills.
• Customer service skills.
• Mechanically inclined.
• Must have color vision and good hearing.
• Have experience with Microsoft Office and Vendor Specific Software.
• Strong mechanical aptitude.
• Minimum of four years telecommunications training and/or experience. Must have demonstrated proficiency and profitability at the Technician III level.

Work Requirements
• Proficient use of all hand and power tools.
• Prolonged standing.
• Climbing of stairs, ladders, and/or scaffolds. Carrying of loads up and down stairs. Reaching and/or grasping.
• Stooping, kneeling, walking, bending, crawling, and crouching. Carrying, pushing and/or pulling.
• Must work outdoors in all weather conditions.
• Finger and wrist dexterity and hand/eye coordination.
• Heavy physical effort (usually lifting/moving up to 70 pounds).
• Exposure to noisy or dusty conditions. Exposure to chemicals and solvents.
• Exposure to mechanical, electrical, and/or other hazards. Use of standard office equipment.
• General testing knowledge required.

Supervisory Responsibility
• Supervises, trains, provides work direction and problem solving assistance for other workers.

Financial Responsibility
• None.

Degree of Autonomy
• Works under direct supervision.