Optical Loss / OTDR / ORL Testing

These three tests make of the largest percentage of test conducted on fiber infrastructure. Optical Loss Tests measure the total loss of a span, the OTDR measures loss over distance in graphical form, and the ORL measures the amount of back reflection received on a fiber.
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Gig-E Testing Services

Typically for Installation and commissioning situations, active tests are employed to test such things as Continuity and Configuration. Most testing requirements include RFC-2544 which tests Throughput, Frame Loss, Back-to-Back Frame/burstability and Latency. For these tests, traffic is generated, up to full line rate to characterize the capability of the network.
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Fiber Characterization Services

"Fiber Characterization" is performing a comprehensive suite of tests that determine all the key performance attributes of installed fiber infrastructure. Tests include; OTDR Trace Analysis Insertion Loss Measurements, Return Loss Measurements, Connector End-face Inspection, Chromatic Dispersion Testing, Polarization Mode Dispersion, and Spectral Attenuation.
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